49" @ 25 yards!
56" @ 40 yards!
Would you like to shoot a moose like this?
Maine Moose Hunts
One happy Moose Hunter!!  District 5 Monster Bull!!
Well you can if you hunt with Maine Moose Hunts.
We here at Maine Moose Hunts are now offering a
once in a lifetime trophy moose hunt.
**This hunt is by permit only thru the
Maine State Moose Lottery!!**
Maine Moose Permits will be drawn June 8th 2019.
(Click link down below
to see if you won!!!!)
56" @ 37 yards with bow!!
Pope-n-Young Record book Bull!!
Hunting at it best with Maine Moose Hunts!!!
Large Maine Bull Moose down!!!!!
Got this nice bull with Maine Moose Hunts.
52" @ 60 yards!
Maine Moose Hunts
Littleton ME 04730
Call (207)-254-2008
We here at Maine Moose Hunts are proud to give you the opportunity to harvest a trophy bull. We have
32 years of guiding experience to know where and how to locate and harvest trophies. We scout year
round so we know and see where trophy bulls like to live and hangout. We hunt mostly commercial wood
lands as we like to get away from all the hunting pressure that has been making harvesting trophy bulls
harder, but will also hunt the farmlands if we see a trophy bull feeding and hanging with the cows.

We are offering 2 different hunts because of the way the rut comes in during the season.

The first hunt is during the end of Sept. When the peak of the rut is in full swing. This hunt is the most
exciting hunt that you will ever encounter!!! We will call in bulls for a up close and personal experience!!
On this hunt it can happen very quickly and short if we find the bulls all worked up and ready to come in.
This hunt is great for bow hunters as most shots will be very close some as close and 5-10 yards.

The second hunt is in the middle of Oct. When the bulls have breed most of the cows and the rut is
starting to slow up. Bulls will still be called in just not as easy as Sept. so this hunt is more for gun
hunters. On this hunt we will do a lot of calling plus a lot spot and stalk hunting.
The one advantage that the Oct. hunt has over Sept. is the temps tend to be colder and the bulls move
more. It is funny when you will go scouting when the temps are warm and then you go on the same route
when there is a good frost it is like night and day as the bulls will seem to come out of the woodwork.

On both of these hunts you will be with a guide the whole time of the hunt. When going on one of these
hunts with us be prepared to be out all day unless we get one early in the day and then we will probably
be out most of the day because they are a large animals so everything is harder to get done quickly.

Guided Trophy Bull Hunt:
This includes a 6 day guided hunt plus we will provide the lodging from Sunday afternoon before the hunt
until Sunday morning after the hunt plus 3 meals a day. Transportation during the hunt, Recovery of your
bull with trophy care included!! Transportation of your bull to the tagging station and to the butcher. (The
cost of butchering is not included in the price of the hunt.) We will book a spot at the local butcher for you
so you don't have to worry about finding a good butcher.
The cost for the trophy bull hunt is $3600.00 per tag and this includes:
2 people the tag holder and the  sub-permitee.
The Sept hunt is: 23th-28th. 2019  The Oct. hunt is 14th-19h. 2019.

References available!!  We are more then willing to give you their numbers before you book so you can
see what we are all about!! Please inquire as we do not list their #'s to keep their privacy a main concern.
Every reference # we provide is from clients that have moose hunted with us in the past.

(We hunt districts 5,6,11. So if you want to hunt with us list districts 5,6,11 first when you apply.)
What a nice equal bull!!!
48" @ 20 yards!
Home of world class trophy Bull Moose hunts!
We have a 100%
success rate on this

We guarantee to put you in shooting distant of a bull!!
Only do 1 hunt per week so we can offer you the hunt you are looking for!
If you ever wanted to harvest a black bear be sure to
check out our bear hunts!!
We only offer a handful of hunts so book today!!
Look at the tines on this Maine Moose!
Large bull moose in fog.
What a spread on that Maine Bull!!!
Beautiful fall moose.
What a nice bull moose!
Maine paddled Moose.
Average bull.
Large district 6 bull!!
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Check out this zone 11 "Boone-Crockett" MONSTER!!!
We harvested this awesome bulls on 10-10-18
52 3/4" spread 13" wide left paddle, 13" wide right paddle
27 points!! It scored #2 taken in the state for 2018!!!!!!!
Maine Moose Hunts
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